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IRCA is well known for research and development of customized training materials, corporate SHE/Risk manuals, SHE management systems, audit protocols and other educational materials. In addition, IRCA is known for its practical approach to training and finding solutions to critical SHE issues, and it is this thinking that has led to the development of IRCA's books and other publications.

IRCA instructors/consultants and authors have worked closely, at some point during their careers, with Frank E. Bird, Jr., founder and former President of the International Loss Control Institute. It is Bird's innovative concepts and systematic approach that has influenced the current books and other publications of IRCA.

IRCA Products/Publications

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality – Guide to Managing Risk (book) 

First published in 2012, this 564 page book presents a new dimension to traditional safety, health, environment and quality management and serves as a fundamental guide for students, practitioners, leaders at all levels and anyone with SHEQ responsibilities or interest irrespective of their role in an organization. This book based on Safety, Health, Environment and Quality – A Practitioner’s Guide, is a complete revision and presents a broader spectrum of topics along with a new strategy for the management of risks with emphasis on program implementation and integration of common SHEQ elements. 

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Safety, Health, Environment and Quality – A Practitioner’s Guide (book)

Originally published in 1997, this book lays the foundation for the development and improvement of SHEQ management systems.  It presents concepts that research has revealed to be common to an effective SHEQ system, and provides practical and proven tools to help improve the elements and activities of SHEQ.

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RCat™ - Root Cause Analysis and Techniques Leader Guide

Designed for in-house train, this leader’s guide includes all you need to train your front-line supervisors in RCat™ in a 4-6 hour workshop. RCat™ is a valuable tool to help any organization break the cycle of ineffective investigations and repeat accidents.

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RCat™ Chart

This is a detailed chart/map linking incidents to their immediate, root causes, and the inadequate controls which led to the problem.

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RCat™ Worksheets

Designed to be used with the RCat™ chart, the worksheet is used to record the results of the analysis and ensure that all causes are identified and that appropriate controls are recommended. 

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